Diapered, Bound in Straitjacket, Gagged, & Pooping

Unassisted Diaper Mess In Straitjacket

Natalia’s master has left her all alone, chained to the ceiling with a ball gag in her mouth, and completely restrained in a strait jacket.

It’s time for Natalia to poop and having no idea how long she’ll have to stay there in her own mess, she really doesn’t want to do it in her diaper. She tries calling for help thru her gag, but of course her cries go unnoticed. But still…she’s really gotta go…

The messy diaper girl poops her diaper. She squirms and throws a fit as the bulge in her diaper grows, then once she’s done she’s completely powerless & alone, she prepares to stay this way for some time…


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