Chassity & Natalia Caught In Diapers Leads to Another Hot Diapered Teen

Chassity & Natalia Caught In Diapers Leads to Another Hot Diapered TeenDpM00072

TWO amazingly hot diapered teens at once?! Oh yeah…

Uh-oh..That’s not the pizzaman!

Natalia and Chassity are hanging out in their diapers and thought it’d be fun to order pizza and answer the door to the delivery person in their diapers. However sometimes good fun can go a little wrong…and sometimes it can lead to something even more fun… ;-)

Chassity and Natalia giggle as they open the door only to find it wasn’t the pizzaman after all…it was actually the super cute 19 year old, Sunny, who Natalia planned to hang out with later…she was early…

Sunny’s surprised by what she’s walked into! Is there a costume party she doesn’t know about?

But they soon spill the beans on their little diaper fetish. And that quickly leads to Natalia and Chassity trying to talk Sunny into trying it herself. Sunny blushes immediately.

But alas! Eventually they’re successful and Sunny decides to let them diaper her. And that’s what the two of them did…Sunny stripped out of her shorts and panties and Natalia and Chassity get her strapped in.

There, see? That’s actually quite nice…

Another Diaper Lover is born…




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