Diaper Girl Paige Cuffed Into A Cradle & Uncontrollable Poop

Diaper Girl Paige Cuffed Into A Cradle & Uncontrollable Poop

Natalia comes in with a little surprise for Paige as to what she’s gonna do to her next… and when Natalia pulls it out to reveal to her what she has in store…Paige just isn’t having it! Her eyes grow huge & she starts to back away & argue…But Natalia’s determined.

She holds Paige down & shoves suppositories into her diapered ass. One…two…three… and Paige has quite a reaction to each one as Natalia pushes them in…

Natalia then leads Paige by the leash…making her to crawl in her waddle pants over to where she’s about to stay…for the night. When Paige realizes she’s about to be cuffed into a baby cradle she reminds Natalia that she’s gonna hafta get up to go to the bathroom soon. And Natalia reminds her where her potty is…in her diaper! And she’s not gonna come back to change her till the morning…

Paige is horrified. And it shows all over her face as she’s left there all alone with no options left. She tries so hard to hold it in, but the pangs become too much for poor Paige & she’s doomed to mess her diaper.

“It just keeps coming!” She cries as she pushes it all out. Once she’s done she cries for help to be changed & realizes that Natalia’s not coming. Poor Paige…


The expressions on Paige’s face during the ordeal are priceless =)



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