Fionna Keeps Farting! So Natalia Punishes Her By Making Her Wear A Diaper

Fionna Keeps Farting! So Natalia Punishes Her By Making Her Wear A Diaper

Fionna’s over at her friend, Natalia’s house & they’re just kicking back, watching TV when Fionna gets struck with some serious gas…

Not even trying to be discreet, Fionna lifts a cheek in Natalia’s direction & lets one rip! FART! The fart is loud and Natalia’s sitting so close that the smell hits her almost immediately. Gross!! She just can’t believe that her friend would fart on her like that! And she has some words for her…

“Shhh. The show’s coming back on,” Fionna distracts her and they go back to watching TV.

But Fionna’s tummy’s still rumbling. And she’s brewing up a large amount of gas! Soon enough, she leans over and farts again. A loud series of farts this time…

OMG! Natalia just can’t believe Fionna just did that again!! And OMG the smell!!

Judging by the overpowering, rank smell Natalia’s convinced that there’s a turd at the end of the pipeline just waiting to come out. And because of the way Fionna’s been farting directly at her (and even fanning it on her!), Natalia’s had enough and as punishment, Fionna’s gonna have to wear a diaper now.

Fionna argues. No way does she want to wear a diaper! How humiliating!! But Natalia gives her no choice.

Natalia whips out a diaper and pulls off Fionna’s shorts and panties. Fionna still argues…and even farts on Natalia again with her bare ass right by Natalia’s face! Aaack!!

But, in the end, Fionna gets diapered. And she’s not happy about it…

Just wait till you see what she does once she’s diapered!


Awesome clip!!




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