Fionna Messes Her Pampers While Watching TV…And Punished For It

Fionna Messes Her Pampers While Watching TV...And Punished For It

Fionna’s hanging out, watching TV, wearing nothing but a bra and a teeny little diaper. And of course, its not long before she feels the urge to poop come on…

She turns around and pushes out a big load of poo into her Pampers, creating a large & visible lump between her tiny little diaper and her bum. She turns back around to sit in it & go about her business in her messy diaper when Natalia catches her…

Natalia didn’t want her messing in her Pampers! They’re just not strong enough to hold up to Fionna’s often massive shits! Its time for punishment. Natalia bends Fionna over her knee for a nice, good open hand spanking on her messy diaper…completely squishing the large wad of poo all over Fionna’s ass and pussy.

And then on to the next part of Fionna’s punishment…

Awesome facial expressions!!



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