Little Chloe’s Hot Wet Diapered Masturbation

Little Chloe's Hot Wet Diapered Masturbation

Wet diapers create more diaper lovers…

Little Chloe experiences her first very wet diaper. She wets her Tena Slip Maxi again and it is now SO FULL! And she’s quite surprised by the feeling. She touches her soaked diaper…she looks around…no one’s looking. She starts rubbing. Oooohhh that feeeelllls sooo gooood….

Soon enough the Hitachi comes out. And Chloe goes to town.

Chloe’s intense! Orgasm after orgasm Chloe’s eyes go rolling into the back of her head over & over & over again…shuddering…making some of the hottest noises ever!

The effect of all her rather harsh play has on her wet diaper is really one to see…it’s hot…just sayin… ;-)



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