Real Life Diapered Sisters – Sister Caught in G/G Diaper Play

Real Life Diapered Sisters - Sister Caught in G/G Diaper Play

Ohhh…What a pleasure to diaper real life sisters!!

Catherine and Natalia are playing around in their diapers…turning each other on to the point of going full on into the throes of passion! Rubbing and touching turns to kissing and fondling…then on to rubbing each others’ pussies thru their diapers and eventually end up diaper scissoring!

However, while deep in their hot diaper action they failed to hear the front door opening! Catherine’s sister, Nichole, had let herself in and what she walked in on made her mouth drop open!

WTF was she looking at?? What kind of kinky stuff is her sister into?? Nichole just can’t believe what she’s seeing!

Catherine tries her best to calm her sister down and assure her that what she’s doing isn’t so bad…It’s the newest fad, really!

Nichole’s not very accepting of this…at first…but eventually her trust in her big sister outweighed her doubt and she agreed to try a diaper on herself!

Nichole lays back and pulls off her panties…so unsure of what she’s about to experience. She’s obviously nervous but her big sister reassures her how great an experience diaper play is! And what a relief wearing a diaper will be while they’re out in public and getting their nails done! Nichole accepts this as she’s strapped into her first diaper. She’s eager to see how it feels and experience what this fetish is all about!

Baby’s got back!




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