Rihanna’s Very First Diaper Mess

Rihanna's Very First Diaper Mess

And she does it completely unassisted too!

So I ran into Mia in the hallway at a convention and she introduced me to Rihanna. It turns out that Mia had told Rihanna all about her wonderful experiences with diaper play & Rihanna wanted to try it for herself! So she asked me if I’d be willing…

Of course! I LOVE moments like these!!

So I asked Rihanna if she could “hold it” for me the following morning then swing by my room in the afternoon to finally let it out. She said she’d try…

Well, she did! Rihanna was very eager to please! I love girls like that… 😉

She was very eager to try on her very first diaper. Then she was equally as eager to mess it for me. She asked me for permission.

“Go ahead,” I allowed her.

And Rihanna did. She immediately got up on all fours and started pushing. It was a bit bashful at first & difficult for her to get it out, but then it all came out.

And Rihanna successfully has her very first unassisted diaper mess. Check out her reaction… =)




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