Star Gives Herself Two Fleet Enemas & Releases Them On Top Of You: Your Messy Diaper Punishment POV

Star Gives Herself Two Fleet Enemas & Releases Them On Top Of You Messy Diaper Punishment POV

Wait till you get a load of this one… 😉

Star’s gonna give you some of the punishment you’ve been needing…

Star comes on completely naked & fully equipped to make you suffer with her enema mess. She makes you get down on all fours to take it properly. Then she loads up her cute little butt with not one, but two fleet enemas. And from down on the floor you get such a pretty view of this happening. Looking up her long legs you see the nozzles penetrate deep into her ass filling her up one by one.

And then the diaper. She puts herself into her favorite diaper & gets ready for release.

She climbs right on top of you, then GUSH! She pushes out her stinky mess right above your face, punishing you with her bowel movements. SQUIRT! Farts and more juicy mess load the diaper, creating a large brown stain spreading across the bottom of the diaper. She makes you suffer with it…teasing you for being such a messy diaper lover…you dirty boy, you…




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