Star’s Diapered Orgasms On The Changing Table

Star's Diapered Orgasms On The Changing Table

Diaper girl Star just can’t resist herself…

She sits on the changing table…not even needing to be changed, but just sitting there because she likes it. And conveniently sitting there next to a large & powerful vibrator…

Star rubs pussy thru her diaper. Oooohhh…that feeling… and in no time the Hitachi comes out. She can’t resist!

She gets down on all fours with her ass up in the air on top of the changing table. This is the way she wants it first. And she touches the Hitachi to her diapered pussy. Ohhh YESSSSS!!!!

Star rubs and rubs. Feeeeeellsss Sssoooo Goooooooddd… She rubs some more. In this position and that. Rubbing and moving and vibrating about! Bringing her farther and farther into ecstasy…

More and more and more and Star cums so hard and in total bliss!! And then she does it again!!

THAT’s how Star likes it… 😉




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