Star’s Punishment: Mini Enema And Sent To The Corner


Star’s being a little brat! She’s throwing a fit and being a general pain!

Well that’s it! Natalia’s had enough. It’s time for some punishment.

“Bend over my knee!” Natalia demands. And Star does not comply. Bad idea.

Natalia grabs her and bends her over her knee anyway and gives her a good spanking. Star’s complaining about being uncomfortable. “You think you’re uncomfortable now? I’ll show you uncomfortable!”

And so Star gets a mini enema. She doesn’t want one but she gets it anyway. That’s what she gets for being so naughty! Natalia squeezes it up her ass and sends her off to the corner with another spanking. She’s not getting out of this one! She’s just gonna have to endure the crampy pangs and mess that diaper!



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