Star’s Rectal Temperature, OTK Spanked, & Buttplug Punishment

Star's Rectal Temperature, OTK Spanked, & Buttplug Punishment

Diaper girl Star comes to Natalia claiming she doesn’t feel well, but Natalia’s suspicious…Star’s notorious for faking sickness to try to get out of things…

Natalia plays along tho…she has Star bend over and Natalia slips the rectal thermometer into Star’s ass. But it turns out Star’s not running the fever that she’d claimed she was. In fact, Natalia doesn’t believe she’s sick at all! It seems Star’s faking it to get out of her chores! No way is she getting away such a thing. Natalia bends Star over her knee and spanks her until her butt is nice and red. She then rips Star’s big girl panties off her! No way does she deserve to wear those anymore! Back to diapers for little Star.

But not before the butt plug. Star squeals as Natalia shoves it up her ass. (and you get to see it nice & close up as it goes in…)

Once plugged Natalia diapers Star’s red little ass and sends her off to the corner…where she’ll have to wet herself & stay in it for 3 hours.



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