Summer Tries On Natalia’s Soaking Wet Diaper

Summer Tries On Natalia's Soaking Wet Diaper

Summer’s done cleaning up & needs a fresh diaper. However, Natalia has something different in mind…

Summer comes prancing in with her amazingly cute bottom exposed & asks for a new diaper. But Natalia looks down at her soaking wet diaper that she was about to change out of herself and has a fun idea…she’s going to take her soaking wet (and leaking!) diaper off and put it on Summer to wear!

Summer’s into it. She gladly lays back as Natalia strips out of her soaked diaper. She puts it on her. Its an different feeling wearing someone else’s piss. And Natalia’s just recently wet again so its still nice and warm against Summer’s pussy…

…and she likes it…


Seriously great shot of Summer’s ass…its worth a second mention.



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