Summer’s Diaper Messing While Playing And OTK Spanking Punishment

Summer Messes When She's Not Supposed To So She Gets An OTK Spanking

Naughty, naughty Summer. She wasn’t supposed to mess her diaper. But she does…

Summer’s just playing along on the floor when she needs to poop. She knows she’s not supposed to mess right now so she tries to be discreet as she fills her diaper. Summer leans forward and lets her mess out into her diaper and she manages quite well to get it out without Natalia noticing but its not long before the smell reaches her and Natalia suspects the worst. And she’s correct, Summer messed.

Such an act cannot go without punishment! Summer gets bent over Natalia’s knee for a nice, old-fashioned, OTK spanking…open-handed and with a hairbrush! Yes, Summer deserves this. She gets her mess spanked right into her! Oh what a reaction!

Then Natalia makes Summer poop some more while she watches over her. Poop, Summer, poop! Natalia makes her move closer to poop next to her. Summer creates a huge bulge and her diaper grows a nice, dark spot. And then its time for more punishment…back over the knee with a hairbrush.

Poor Summer…she just had to poop so bad!



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