POV Domme Mommy Natalia



 That’s me!

A little introduction: I’m Natalia Chaplin & this is my site =) Welcome!!

 Yes, I’m a real abdl. Well, really more of a diaper lover than an adult baby (although once in a while I will flip into a little bit of age regression…more to a little girl tho. Not always, but it happens)

Yes, I wear diapers when I’m off camera, too. Really, I think I’m lot like you – only I do this…lol. Well, I’m also a model & an aspiring independent horror movie producer. =) And I used to be just a suppressed bookkeeper. Despite all that I still believe myself to be a pretty normal person. lol

I love so many aspects of diaper fetish I’m not sure what my favorite is. There’s just something about the way it feels when you’re wearing one. I don’t know how to describe it, but as a fellow diaper lover, I’m sure you know what I mean. And I love sleeping in a diaper a lot…and I always end up wetting & masturbating at some point every-single-time…lol. Messing my diaper happens a lot as well. Because, well, in my opinion…diapers are for using =D Then there’s the punishment & humiliation bits of the fetish that I absolutely LOVE to have fun with… =D As well as many other things. Just look around on the site…you’ll see…


Natalia Wanna Play?

I’ve been asked a few times before & even tho I think it’s really uninteresting, here’s where my diaper girl story begins:

I wore my first adult diaper on a video shoot & I was instantly hooked. Something about that feeling when wearing one. And then when I pulled my pants up over it? Now I had a dirty little secret. 😉 What a turn on! I ended up wearing the diaper home. I wet it on the way – I couldn’t wait to actually use it! Then I was sitting on the couch watching tv in my now very wet diaper when my roommate caught me in it. He saw a little bit poking thru the top of my pants…he laughed at me but I was really only mildly embarrassed. “So what? You’re into this now?” he asked me. I shrugged. What was I supposed to say? What can I say? I’m a kinky kinda girl. Besides, he’s been my roommate long enough…he knows I keep nipple clamps on my computer desk & the walls are thin enough he’s called me out on my Hitachi usage before. So I’m kinky, whatever. The answer is, Yes, yes I am into this now.

 So yeah. That’s where it started. Another diapergirl was born. lol. I immediately booked another shoot with the guy & he got me in touch with other abdl’s & even gave me extra diapers to take home. So I just started rolling with it! I made some friends & started shooting my own videos. I’m a total exhibitionist so playing on camera works well for me. lol.

 The girls on this site are mostly friends of mine that I know locally and all over the country. Many have been friends of mine for years & years. Most of them have at least some interest in the fetish, many are actual adult babies or diaper lovers. My friends know I’m into diapers & I Loooove talking them into playing with me…letting me show them what its all about, then converting them into new adult baby girls or diaper lovers. Then next time I see them…Oh you bet its game on!! Teeheehee…. And then there’s sometimes I’ll just surprise a girl with diaper play in the midst of whatever else we’re doing. I shoot it all because I can. =D

The guys on this site? Mostly fans I come across & play with from time to time. Although its also happened where the guy wasn’t into it at all & I coerced him into & humiliated him in a diaper as well. It happens. I can be really mean sometimes…

On this site you’re gonna find a nice variety of diaper videos and diaper pictures. I’m a switch & I love to explore & play. I can go from extremely submissive to extremely dominating. Sometimes my Domme Mommy character breaks thru and you’re really in for some diaper discipline then…

Some things you can expect to find on this site:

  • Diaper girls.   Lots & lots of  really hot girls in diapers
  • Diaper boys.  Yup, got them too…I’m often really mean to the boys.
  • Diaper POV Videos
  • Diaper Punishment
  • Diaper Humiliation
  • Girls Wetting Diapers
  • Girls Messing Diapers
  • Diaper Changes
  • Diaper FemDom
  • Girl-Girl Diaper Sex
  • Diapered Bondage
  • Butt Plugs
  • Diaper Enemas – Fleet enemas, Mini enemas, & very full bag enemas
  • Laxatives, Suppositories, & more!
  • Real abdl’s
  • New abdl’s  😉  (you have no idea how many girls I send home with extra diapers! haha)
  • Age Regression
  • Diaper Girl Stories
  • Much, much, more!

Members get full access to all the photos & videos – all in HD and completely downloadable! =) Members can enjoy at least 5 new video and photoset updates every week!


I enjoy requests, comments, & feedback. I can also make custom videos just for you =) Please don’t be offended as I cannot accommodate all requests, but I do like to keep my peeps happy =)



So come on in & stay awhile….diaper up & play! =D



P.S. I now have 3 diaper sites for your enjoyment! Also check out punishedindiapers.com and abplayhouse.com! Awesome stuff!!!