Bailey & Abby Give Each Other Enemas & Make Huge Messes To Prepare For Their Hot Date With A Fan

Abby and Bailey have a hot date tonight! Tonight they’re meeting with a diapered fan for dinner and plan on giving him the time of his life afterwards! So much fun! But first they must get ready.

They picked out really cute AB/DL tees to wear for their date, not hiding what they’re into to the public! Now they’re onto discussing what all they wanna do on the date. Abby’s thinking she wants to do anal. Bailey agrees that it’s a great idea! But they’ll have to clean out their booties first so there’s no mess.

You know what that means?!! Enema time!!!

Bailey opts for the warm water bag enema and Abby is glad to give it to her! Bailey groans as her abdomen is filled so full she’s bulging! Once she can’t take any more Abby shuts off the valve and pulls Bailey’s diaper back up. But now Bailey has to hold in the enema until she’s done giving Abby her enema and gets her into a diaper! The enema has so much extra time to soak up and making it extra effective!

Abby opts for a saline fleet enema and Bailey eagerly gives it to her. It takes so much time to squeeze it all up there it just can’t go fast enough for Bailey! Abby takes her enema like a seasoned champ! She loves enemas!!

Once Abby’s full her diaper just can’t go on fast! It’s so hard for Bailey to move around when she’s so full of the enema!!

They try their hardest to let their enemas soak up as long as possible and hold it in, rocking back and forth and panting heavily until they just can’t anymore! They get into position as their enemas kinda start releasing themselves!

GUSH! Both of them start gushing out everything that was inside them! Their asses spray like faucets!! 

Their diapers get SO FULL!! And Bailey’s extra time soaking sure caused hers to be extra messy! It’s so brown!!!

Their hot date’s going to be so excited!!!



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