A Diaper Lover’s Dream Come True – Summer Diapered In The Nursery

A Diaper Lover's Dream Come True

Ohhhh…the ecstasy that’s written all over Summer’s face!

It’s been awhile since Summer’s come over to play. Far too long in fact! Hell, she hasn’t been over since Natalia’s gotten a proper nursery set up to play in! And boy, is she ever surprised when she walks in!

She just can’t wait to see everything and check everything out! The crib, the rocking chair, the stacks and stacks of diapers!

And then Natalia presents to her the one thing she’s been craving most…a Bambino Bellisimo! YES!! Her favorite!!

The look on her face as she lays back and prepares to have the diaper put on her…just absolutely priceless!! And her reaction to wearing a diaper again after far too long? Even better…

This is one happy diaper lover!!



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