A Hard Spanking & Worse For A Wet Diaper

A Hard Spanking & Worse For A Wet Diaper

It was supposed to be a fun day playing on the swings…until Natalia had to pee.

She wasn’t supposed to wet her diaper. She’s pulled off the swings by her hair and is thrown to the ground. BAD GIRL! You weren’t supposed to wet your diaper!

Spankings and spankings and paddlings before her diaper is torn off her. Her already bright red ass revealed as she’s on all fours and gets her face shoved in her own wet and pissy diaper.

Then she’s put on a leash and made to crawl around the commons…paraded for all to see what a bad, bad girl she is.

And after much long and harsh punishment that resulted in a horribly bruised ass, she’s allowed back on the swings again. Diaperless, red ass revealed and very dirty now too…Natalia suffers…





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