AB Dakota Tries To Keep Her Diaper Clean For Daddy But Accidentally Messes Diarrhea

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Dakota is such an adorable little baby!!

This sweet little girl is talking in baby talk as she shows off how nice and clean her diaper is. She’s happy that her daddy’s gonna be happy that she was able to keep it perfectly clean with no messes or anything while he’s gone. She likes to be a good girl for him.

But then her tummy starts to ache a little. She feels like she might have to go poo-poo. But she really doesn’t want to because her daddy might get mad.

She tries so hard to hold it in. She puts her hand in her diaper and tries to physically plug her ass so she won’t mess.

But its no good. She pulls her hand out quickly as it just comes pouring out of her bum.

She cries as she poos. She wanted so badly for him to be happy and proud of her.

She checks out the damage from many angles trying to see the mess she made. It’s a HUGE mess alright! “OH NO!!” Baby Dakota cries.

Poor little Dakota. She tried so hard…


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