Abby And Lacey Decide To Wear The Same Diaper At The Same Time And Both Wet It And All Over Each Other At The Same Time

I absolutely love this video. It’s the newest addition to my collection of personal favorites.

After a failed diaper wrestling challenge, these two gorgeous diaper girls decide the best way to forfeit is to wear the same diaper together at the same time!

A little tape was necessary to make it happen but it did! They walk around and waddle together in it, dance and twerk in it, and all kinds of crazy things before being given the challenge to both wet it at the same time… then it got REAL fun!

They held on tight to each other and used the warmth of each others’ pee to help them release their bladders even further until it just keeps flowing!!

Finally they take off the diaper to show you the wetness. It’s kinda funny because one of the lovely diaper girls’ pee-pee is way darker than the other’s so you can really tell who’s wet spot came from who!

The dynamic between these two girls is awesome! Sooo cute!!!

Fantastic video! Enjoy!!!


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