Abby Is Tricked Into Taking Extra Strength Sleeping Pills And Laxatives At The Same Time Then Diapers Herself In A Panic

Natalia has a fun little trick to play on Abby. And Abby falls for it hook, line, & sinker! Natalia comes into the nursery where Abby is cleaning up her toys and hands her some pills. She instructs her to take them and hands her a water to wash them down. Abby doesn’t think to question Natalia’s motives since she had told her earlier that she had a bit of a headache. 

After she has taken the pills Abby asks her, “Were those for my headache?”

“No,” Natalia tells her. She then reveals what they really were. Extra strength laxatives and extra strength sleeping pills. Both. At the same time. It takes a moment for Abby to realize exactly what that means is in store for her! She’s about to fall into a deep sleep and end up pooping herself!! The look of shock on Abby’s face is glorious.

Abby immediately jumps up and strips off her pants and panties before rushing over to the stacks of diapers and chooses a nice, thick one that she’ll have to use to get through the night. Natalia can’t stop laughing at her and teasing her as she diapers herself in a panic. She has no idea when these things are going to kick in and she is not looking forward to the mess that she’ll inevitably wake up to in the morning. 

Abby is so humiliated!!!

Awesome video!!!


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