Abby Messes Her Diaper For The First Time & Loves It!

DpMAbbySupp1stDiaperMess DpMAbbySupp1stDiaperMess2

Abby is so darned cute she’s just irresistible! But she still hasn’t experienced messing her diaper yet. Well, it’s about time.

Natalia checks her diaper to see if she has already messed and the answer is no. She has not. Well, Natalia knows how to rectify this! Abby’s gonna get a suppository to make it happen.

She explains very little before shoving the suppository up Abby’s ass but Abby takes it anyway.

The suppository makes Abby’s ass hole burn! It’s just not pleasant.

But the effects of the suppository doesn’t take too long. Abby does a good job of distracting herself with the toys and giant inflatable penis while they kick in.

And before you know it, it’s time to poo. Abby turns around and messes her diaper.

She shrills as she poos! And then there’s more poo. And still more. Abby fills her diaper so full!

“Can you see it?” She asks Natalia. Natalia rubs it into her bum. Abby grunts and makes such a cute noise!

Abby just can’t believe what she’s experiencing! Natalia rubs it into her ass some more and Abby shrieks and giggles. Such a great reaction to her very first diaper mess!


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