Act Like A Baby And Daddy Will Treat You Like One POV

By request, guest star Miles joins us for this video at Diaper Mess!

You’re home from college and your dad comes home to find the house a total mess! He’s pissed!! He’s had it with you doing nothing but laying around and making messes! He’s had it now! He has a new form of punishment for you! Because if you’re going to act like a baby, he’s going to treat you like one!

While you’re gone he goes to work. He transforms your entire bedroom into a baby’s nursery! He shows you your new bed, a crib. And your new dining table, a high chair! He’s gone all out with toys and everything!

He gives you a pacifier and continues showing you around your new room while he mocks you with baby talk, explaining to you the new rules. And then he lets you know another major change: now you’re going to have to start wearing diapers too!

He makes you strip out of your clothes and lay down to prepare for your first diaper. He teases you relentlessly while he straps you into your first diaper. How humiliating!

And now he has another surprise! He has a play pen for you to stay in!

Once in the playpen he has one more big reveal for you. He has new baby clothes for you to wear now to go with your new baby lifestyle! Now get dressed because he’s invited all your friends over!

Welcome to your new life!!


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