Adorable Little Bailey Makes A Poo Poo For You While Sucking Her Paci

DpMBaileyPaciMakesPooPooPOV DpMBaileyPaciMakesPooPooPOV2

Bailey’s wearing her favorite onesie just for you. She just loves the black lace…and boy, does it ever look sooo good on her!

She sucks on her pacifier and giggles. She has to make a poopie. Wanna watch?

It’s getting close. She can feel it making its way down. She can’t wait to mess for you.

And then it’s ready. Bailey lays back and starts to push it out. And it comes out and fills her diaper.

She sucks hard on her paci as she makes a great big mess in her diaper.

Bailey is sooo sexy!!!


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