Adorable Little Zoe Gives Herself A Sexy Enema & Messes & Wets Her Diaper For You POV

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Zoe is such a good little girl. She wants to give herself a sexy enema & mess her diaper just for you. She wants it to be a really nice, big mess for you…

She sits upon an open diaper and plays with her pussy in front of you as she looks deep into your eyes and tells you how much she loves you watching her do this for you.

Then, she leans back and arches her up upward as she prepares to give herself the enema. Right up the rectum it goes as she slowly squeezes every bit of it up her bum. Now it’s show time!

Zoe diapers herself up and it’s time to let it loose! The first squirt comes out with so much force and so loudly with a huge FART! That’s just the beginning…

Push after push after push Zoe empties her bowels into her diaper, messing so much that her diaper really sags!

But that’s not all…

Now Zoe has to pee! May as well do that in the diaper too!

So messy and such sexy pooping!! Really, the way this girl grinds and gyrates her body as she poos is definitely something to see!!!


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