Adorable Teen Nikki Double Diapers Herself Over Her Saturated, Very Full Diaper Before Messing Again

Nikki’s been wearing her diaper all day and has completely soaked it! It’s SO full yet feels soooo good so she’s really not wanting to change out of it yet. Even though it makes her waddle around a bit as she plays with her toys. But then she suddenly feels like she has to poop. She still doesn’t want to change out of her diaper so she decides she’ll cut a slit into it and put another diaper over it so there will be plenty of room in her diaper to capture the poo-poo and she can continue wearing them both!

She chooses a nice, big, super thick Rearz Safari diaper to go over her first diaper and lays it out before she carefully cuts a slit down the center of her saturated diaper. You can clearly see all the yellow gel that’s been formed inside her diaper as she makes the incision.

But she better hurry because she really has to go! She quickly fastens the tape – but only manages to get the bottom tapes fastened before her poo-poo comes out! She quickly moves into position to help ease it all out. What a big mess! But oopsies! Hastily fastening her diaper wasn’t the best idea in the world since her diaper leaked and she gets it all over her leg!

Nikki is just so darned cute as she talks in baby talk to Mr. Bear throughout the whole video. She’s fully regressed in this one! And just wait till you see her face when she sticks her hand in her dirty diaper towards the end! Nikki is just plain awesome as ever!


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