After The Diarrhea Hits, Teen Nikki Has To Hurry And Change Her Messy Diaper Before Daddy Gets Home!

Nikki is so proud of herself! Her daddy told her not to wet or mess her diaper all day while he was at work and now that he’ll be home soon, she can’t wait to show him what a good little girl she is!

Until the rumble in her gut came…

Uh oh. It’s for sure diarrhea! And it’s one of those explosive ones that you just can’t keep in no matter how hard you try! Oh no, Nikki!

And then it happens. She messes. Not just a little, either. It’s a big, stinky mess.

Uh, oh! She looks in the mirror and realizes there’s no way to hide it! So what does this naughty little girl do? She scours the nursery to find a matching diaper to change into. Maybe he won’t notice that she changed it, right?

So Nikki goes to change out of her dirty, smelly diaper and put the fresh one on as quickly as possible. However, Nikki is NOT GOOD at all at changing her own diaper, and it shows.

Do you think he’ll notice?


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