Age Regression Potion Turns Co-Worker Into A Baby

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Natalia invites her friend and co-worker, Dakota, over to her place after work one day. Little does Dakota know that Natalia had a plan for the evening’s entertainment. Before they left work Natalia slipped her a special elixir. One that’ll cause temporary age regression.

They walk into the nursery and the completely unsuspecting co-worker is very surprised by what she sees. “What the…ummm…this is really weird. This is your house??”

“Well, it’ll all make sense soon” Natalia says and she reveals why.

“You what??? I don’t like this,” Dakota stomps her feet. It seems the potion is starting to take effect. She’s already acting like a teenager.

The regression happens pretty quickly. Seems with everything Dakota says she just gradually keeps getting younger and younger. Before long she’s whining like a baby and sucking her thumb. Natalia grabs a diaper.

Dakota livens up and starts enjoying being an adult baby. She starts giggling and playing with toys.

Natalia puts her into a fresh DC Amor diaper. And Dakota giggles all the way through it, cackling like a baby.

Perfect. Now they’re in for some real fun! It’s gonna be an awesome night at the nursery!



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