Alyssa Catches Natalia Messing Her Diaper – And Is Talked Into An Enema

DpMAlyssaCatchesNatMessingTalkIntoEnema DpMAlyssaCatchesNatMessingTalkIntoEnema2

Sometimes odd, spontaneous things happen in Natalia’s nursery…

Natalia’s happily diapered and tidying things up in the nursery. But then she has to poop. Without a second thought she gets on all fours and starts to push it out into her diaper.

But before she completely finishes Alyssa walks in. OH! Natalia wasn’t expecting that to happen! BUSTED!

Natalia tries to explain it away. Sometimes she just likes to hang out in her diaper while tending to the nursery and when she’s gotta go, she’s gotta go. It’s not that weird…

Alyssa’s curious. She wants to poop too!

Nothing like a spontaneous enema to help make that happen!



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