Alyssa Farts And Messes Her Diaper While Playing In The Crib

Alyssa Messes Her Pampers While Playing In The Crib

Alyssa…What a sweet, perverted little weirdo! But we love her all the more for it! HA! Seriously…check out her pacifier in this video! Hahaha! And what she does with it?? Just too much!!

Well…it seems to make her suck it all the harder. So be it!

Alyssa’s laying in the crib and playing with toys – the mobile is playing it’s sweet tunes when suddenly she farts! A nice, loud one too!

But that fart was not alone. She sucks hard on her pacifier when she starts to poo. A really stinky load, too!

And then what she does with the stench? Also quite a thing to see!

Alyssa’s so darned cute! She continues to suck hard on her pacifier while rolling around in her messy diaper, squishing it in. All before she rolls over & decides to take a nap in it!



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