Alyssa Gives You A Sexy Striptease Then Messes Her Pampers


Sooooo Sexxxxyyy…

Do you think you could push a turd out while you’re in the throws of some sexy dance moves? Alyssa tries her best…

She starts out fully clothed and looking oh, so adorable, but when the music starts…that all changes.

Alyssa’s sure got some sexy moves as she dances. And piece by piece her clothes come off, revealing her teeny time body wearing her teeny tiny Pampers. Ohhh…yeah!

And as soon as that diaper’s revealed she starts to poo!

Grunt! Alyssa starts pushing the mess out into her diaper, making sweet eye contact with you as she poos. She moves and poses for you, dancing as she poos.

What a little hottie!!



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