Alyssa Wants You To Put On A Diaper And Cum With Her

Alyssa really wants you to wear a diaper with her. She’s about to pick out which one she wants to put on to wear with you. She chooses the Tena Slip Maxi because she likes the wetness indicator on it.

She stands up and strips off her shorts and panties as you watch her. She hopes you’re putting a diaper on with her so she’s not so alone. She lays down on her small sized diaper and fastens herself into it before she shows off how adorable she looks in it!

Alyssa really loves the way her diaper feels. It really turns her on. She can’t help but start stroking it and her pussy right through the diaper. She hopes you’re stroking yourself too! She keeps stroking and stroking her pussy through her diaper and she just gets more & more. All that wonderful padded goodness just feels soooo good! She wishes you would rub her while she rubs you. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

She tells you how wonderful her diaper feels as she continues to rub it into her pussy. She’s imagining you in your diaper while she brings herself to orgasm!

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