Alyssa’s Huge Enema & Super Loud & Gassy Release

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Alyssa loves a good enema!

Alyssa is playing in the nursery when she randomly decides that she wants to give herself an enema!

She strips out of her diaper and grabs the enema bottle and carefully sticks it in her bum and empties the whole, large sized bottle of saline into her rectum. She grunts and groans as she squeezes it in. She quickly puts on a Tena Slip Maxi and prepares herself for release as it rumbles inside her.

When she can’t hold it in anymore she turns around and FART! The enema release officially begins. SQUIRT SQUIRT PLOP! The sounds of what’s happening inside her diaper are so obvious as to what’s coming out!

SQUIRT SQUIRT FART FART SQUEEK! There are so many sounds coming out of little Alyssa’s bum with every push! Such a vocal butt!!!

Alyssa’s facial expressions through the whole thing is absolutely perfect!


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