Alyssa’s Messy Enema Release While Natalia Sits In Her Messy Diaper

DpMAlyssasEnemaMessesAfterCatchingNat DpMAlyssasEnemaMessesAfterCatchingNat1

Now that Alyssa’s been filled up with an enema and diapered things really start moving fast.

“Oh BOY! It’s coming out!!” Alyssa shrieks. She’s amazed by her inability to hold it in.

GUSH! It comes rushing out of her bum.

FART! Alyssa giggles. She finds her farts hilarious.

The brown streak in her diaper forms and begins to grow.

She poops and she poops and she poops! Farting all along the way. Alyssa’s just plain adorable as she poos. And what a noisy poo!

A very messy diaper. Great video!!



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