Andi Is Denied Use Of The Toilet & Has To Mess Her Diaper For The First Time

DpMAndiDeniedToiletMustMessDiaper1stTime DpMAndiDeniedToiletMustMessDiaper1stTime2

Little Andi was also fed some of the laxative tea and is now feeling the effects of it.

Natalia comes in to check on Andi & it seems she’s already tried going to the toilet…but Natalia has it chained closed just in case such a thing happens.

Andi really wants to use the toilet and asks Natalia to unchain it but Natalia refuses. That’s what diapers are for, after all!

“But I have to go number 2,” Andi whispers to her.

Natalia laughs. “That goes in your diaper too.”

Andi can’t hold it in anymore no matter how much she tries and finally makes a big messy poo in her diaper!

That tea is so effective!!!


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