Baby Dakota Gets A Mini Enema & Rocked In Natalia’s Lap Till She Poos


Another great video with Dakota completely regressed! She’s so cute!!!

Little baby Dakota comes waddling in and tells Natalia that she doesn’t feel too well. She can’t poo at all but she really feels like it really needs to. Poor little Dakota is so constipated!

Never fear! Natalia has a perfect solution! A mini enema!

Natalia sticks the tube nozzle up her little diapered bum and squeezes it inside her tushee. Then she rocks her in her lap and soothes her as it kicks in.

Dakota has the cutest giggle! And even as she gets cramps she still remains in good spirits – especially when Natalia rubs her tummy.

And then it’s time. Dakota has to poop!

“Oh no! I think it’s gonna come out all by itself!” Dakota worries.

And it’s really wet and messy. Dakota fills her diaper full of her “pee poop”.

She poops and poops and poops some more! So much poop!

What a good girl.


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