Babysitter Wakes Up Locked In A Straitjacket In The Crib & Immediately Messes


Is it wrong to love your punishment so much?

The beautiful babysitter, Bella wakes up from a nap and is having some pretty severe cramps! Seems she fell asleep after getting her mini enema and the cramps were strong enough to wake her up!

The cramps are intense! She held it in way too long and now it’s intolerable. She struggles in the straitjacket and can’t change into an easier position to poop in. She she just has to go as she is.

She grunts and strains so hard to get it all out of her. She just can’t wait to get all the poo out of her!

And it doesn’t get any better once she fills her diaper. It burns! Bella’s nearly brought to tears.

She wants to be changed so badly!!



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