Babysitter’s Diaper Punishment, “You’re A Baby Now!”: The Chastity Belt And Pacifier Gag

Babysitter's Diaper Punishment, "You're A Baby Now!": The Chastity Belt And Pacifier Gag

You wanna wear a diaper like a baby, well now you’re gonna get the full experience. This is what you wanted after all, isn’t it?

Natalia’s not easing up on Bella after catching her wearing a diaper when she was supposed to be babysitting. Now she’s gonna be stuck as a baby.

Natalia bends her over her knee for a spanking to start off her punishment. But it sure doesn’t end there. Nope, that’s just the beginning.

Natalia puts a chastity belt on Bella, right over her diaper. Now she can’t get out of it! Then to make it worse, she gives her a pacifier gag so she has to suck it.

Bella’s gonna be a great big baby now whether she likes it or not!



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