Bailey Is Humiliated When She’s Made To Release Her Enema In Front Of A Video Camera

Bailey is in for some total humiliation! She’s been given an enema and demanded that she not release it right away. She instead has to let it soak inside her for awhile for maximum effectiveness. 

But now it’s time for her to release it. Natalia comes in and points out the video camera sitting on the floor. “See this? I want you to turn around and put your butt up to the camera and release it,” she says.

“What?? You’re not gonna film me, are you?” Bailey pleads.

“Yup. I am. And then I’m going to put it on the internet.”

Bailey is already humiliated at the idea of this but realizes that she has no choice. She begs but it’s only making Natalia angrier. She turns around and puts her butt up to the camera and starts to poop her enema out. She grunts and cries and is so mortified! 

Natalia makes sure Bailey looks back at the camera and show her face as she pushes all the sloppy poo into her diaper. Poor Bailey begs for relief as her tummy cramps up as she pushes it all out. Her diaper fills and fills and changes colors. 

What a humiliating mess!!!



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