Bailey’s Reluctant Orgasms In Her Messy Diaper While Locked On The Spreader Bar


Bailey so doesn’t wanna cum in her messy diaper but she’s not given a choice.

Bailey’s locked in restraints to a spreader bar and was made to mess her diaper. She so badly wants her punishment to be over with and cries that she’s sorry and just wants to be changed when Natalia comes back in with a surprise for her. She’s brought her powerful hitachi vibrator and is gonna make Bailey cum in her messy diaper instead.

Oh, Bailey doesn’t want this! She wants so badly to be changed instead! But Natalia sticks the vibrator right against the back of her diaper and into the mess, vibrating it all over her ass before pushing it against her diapered pussy. Bailey cries to be set free.

It doesn’t work, of course. Natalia only presses harder with the vibrator against her pussy as Bailey goes from horror to extreme orgasms!



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