Bailey’s Secret Agenda – She Fills Her Diaper Full Of Diarrhea As Soon As She Gets Diapered!

Seems Bailey had a secret agenda when she showed up to Natalia’s unexpectedly. Seems Bailey REALLY had to poo and she wanted to do so in a diaper…so as soon as Natalia gets her into a diaper and leaves the room, Bailey starts pooping! And what a HUGE mess she makes!!!

Natalia’s not to happy when she comes in and discovers Bailey already filled her diaper right after she’s changed into one. Nope, that diaper’s not going to be wasted. Bailey’s now going to have to stay in that diaper for a very long time, in fact. And Natalia has many great ideas on what she’s going to do to little Bailey while she’s stuck in her smelly, diarrhea filled diaper…


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