Behind The Scenes: Little Teen Nikki Waddles & Dances Through The Park In Her Messy Diaper

DpMNikkiBTSWalkingFanningSkirtExposedBridge DpMNikkiBTSWalkingFanningSkirtExposedBridge2

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After Nikki has messed her diaper while playing on a very public playground she opted to walk back to the restroom instead of riding in the stroller. After all, she’s as fully loaded with energy as her diaper is full of poo!

Between her fully loaded, messy diaper and the hot, humid day creating an even sweatier mess with the plastic of the diaper rubbing against her crotch area, she can’t help but waddle as she walks across the bridge and pavements. HA! Such a cute diaper waddle…

She lifts her skirt to fan her diaper in the air, giving us a great glimpse of the mess she’s made. And then she breaks out and dances in it!

Nikki is just so awesome…


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