Bonus Video: Summer Gets An Enema & Messes Her Diaper While Locked In Stocks

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Summer is a total nudist & sometimes its so hard to keep even a diaper on her!

Natalia caught Summer running around naked once again and she’s not letting her get away with it this time! Now she’s getting locked in the stocks and given a full 2 quart enema.

Summer freaks out about this.She’s so afraid to poop in this position and there’s nothing she can do about it!

Natalia shoves the enema nozzle up Summer’s very sexy ass and opens the valve. Summer can barely handle it as it fills her bum up! She tries struggling but its no use. She just has to endure this.

Once she’s full she quickly gets diapered and is made to hold it for a little bit before she is allowed to release her poopy mess into her diaper. The longer the better.

Then when it’s time she squirts a large gush very rapidly into the diaper. The camera is angled perfectly to capture the brown wetness forming and spreading into the diaper.

She farts and fills and gushes more and more until her gut is empty and her diaper is extremely full and heavy!

Excellent enema video with lots and lots of farting!


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