Born To Be An AB, Summer Plays And Messes Her Diaper – And Loves Every Bit Of It

DpMSummerMessesOnesieKneeHighs2 DpMSummerMessesOnesieKneeHighs

Oh Summer! How she is loving her diaper play time!!

She’s playing with toys on the nursery floor when her tummy starts to grumble. She shows off her cute t-shirt that says, “I pooped today!” but she acknowledges that she actually has not yet. But it’s getting close.

She finds her favorite pacifier, a Nuk 6, and starts sucking away on it when she discovers the coloring books.

OOPS! She farts. And it stinks. Its foreshadowing the mess she’s about to make in her diaper.

Summer…oh, so sexy Summer…

She changes into a onesie and shows off her gorgeous breasts as she slips her t-shirt off and the onesie on.

But all that movement just gets her bowels moving. Its time for Summer to poo.

She pushes and pushes and makes a nice, big mess in her diaper. She tries to make room for more and starts pushing away again. Eventually she’s done. And Summer being the messy diaper lover that she is she immediately sits in it & squishes it in. Then she poses and displays her messy self for you.



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