Bound Zoe Is Made To Cum In Her Extremely Wet & Messy Diaper

Poor little Zoe! She’s been cuffed to the side of the changing table and has been stuck in her diaper all day long! Her diaper is completely saturated and extremely messy! Her diaper is SO FULL!! And boy does she ever stink!!

But her punishment is far from over! Natalia wants to completely humiliate her now. She grabs a powerful vibrator and begins to go to town on poor little Zoe’s private parts! 

Zoe is so grossed out and reluctant. She definitely doesn’t want to cum like this. She begs Natalia to stop but it’s not happening. Natalia buries the vibrator deep into the very thick wetness of her diaper and brings her to a powerful orgasm! But that’s not the end of her punishment… Not. At. All…

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