Bratty Teen Babygirl, Nikki Gets Punished With Suppositories & Dressed In A Leather Harness To Go Out In Public

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Natalia’s got an idea for what she wants to do today. She has a fun surprise for Nikki!

Natalia only reveals a little bit of the surprise at a time. First Nikki needs a suppository. Nikki DOES NOT want to comply. She gets a good spanking for arguing it.

Finally she takes the suppository up her bum. Now it’s just a matter of time for the fun times to begin!

But that’s just the beginning. Next it’s time for Nikki to get dressed in the leather Leder-diaper-harness. Soon enough Natalia reveals what her plan is: to go out in public with Nikki in a diaper and her harness…on a leash. And Nikki’s NOT HAPPY about this idea.

Looks like she’ll have to be dragged out!


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