Busted By Her Besties! Sunshine Is Caught Wearing A Diaper & Humiliated For It

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Sunshine, Nikki, & Natalia are kicking back watching TV on their girls night in when they decide that the program they’re watching is completely boring and they want to change the channel. But when Sunshine bends over to reach for the remote control on the floor her little secret is revealed…she is wearing a diaper under her pants and it’s poking out the top as she bends over!

The surprise on Nikki & Natalia’s faces as they see it! First they try to gain understanding that they really just saw what they think they saw. And they were very much correct! Sunshine is definitely wearing a diaper!

Now they can’t stop laughing at their friend! Sunshine tries to play it off but is very unsuccessful. Her “friends” keep teasing and teasing and Sunshine ends up completely humiliated!


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