Cherry Makes A Runny Mess In Her Diaper & Wants You To Worship It

DpMCherryPOVWorshipMySquishyMess DpMCherryPOVWorshipMySquishyMess2 DpMCherryPOVWorshipMySquishyMess3

Dang! Cherry is sooooo HOT!!!

Cherry wants you to worship her sexy diapered body. She put a diaper on just for you to worship.

She wants you to kiss her diapered ass.

And guess what? She has to poo. She wants you to worship that too.

It’s coming. It’s really turning her on that you’re worshiping her like this and she can’t help but to start touching herself as she prepares to poop. Then suddenly Cherry makes a huge mess in her diaper.

Keep worshiping. It’s Cherry’s World today…


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