Curious Babysitter Tries On A Diaper And Gets Caught!

Curious Babysitter Tries On A Diaper And Gets Caught!DpMBellaBabysitTriesDiaperCaught1


The curious babysitter, Bella, is cleaning up in the nursery when she comes across a stack of diapers. She pulls one out and looks at it. Hmmm….

She checks the time and figures she has a couple hours before Natalia’s supposed to be home. So why not?

She quickly slips out of her skirt and panties then opens the diaper. She wonders what it’d feel like to wear one. She wants to know.

She spreads it out and straps herself in. She wiggles around in it. So this is what it feels like, huh? Her fingers glide over the diaper as she takes it in.

Selfie time! She grabs her phone and poses for the camera in various positions. She’s enjoying this way too much!

But uh-oh…Natalia comes home early! And what a surprise she walked into!!

“What the hell are you doing??” Natalia cries out. Bella is so embarrassed the she got busted like this! Bella can’t explain her way out of this one.

“Well if you want to act like a baby I’m gonna treat you like a baby!” Natalia tells her. Bella can’t seem to get an argument in. “Bend over my knee!”

And the punishment begins…



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