Cutie Hannah Gets Her Wet Diaper Changed By Nikki N

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Hannah’s wet her diaper for the very first time and she’s ready to get her diaper changed! And Nikki is more than happy to do it for her!

Nikki shows her all sorts of various types of diapers and gives her a brief description of each to help Hannah pick out her next diaper. But after all the great diaper reviews she’s gotten she chooses a Molicare! After all, if it’s Nikki’s favorite, it must be good!

It’s so funny watching Nikki change her friends’ diapers…she’s so shy around her friends’ private areas! Hahaha!

After some very unnatural wiping, Nikki sprinkles powder on Hannah’s privates and gets her diapered up into her own Molicare. Now they match! And they are soooo cute!!!


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